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  • Fleet leasing Offer Form

    Appropriate means to the organization's structure and operations cost and financing model is determined. Determined after the lease vehicles purchased by our company, made a license plate and operations; chain, the necessary equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid package is added. Resolved quickly by our insurance company and followed procedures over the lease period. Supplied vehicles will be delivered to the authorities of the institution determines institutions. Car all the risks associated with the ownership taken by our company and service institutions will begin to benefit from the advantages offered by our company. All the leased vehicle by the company maintenance and repairs are performed by the service priority in general in Turkey contracted services. 7/24 can be reached with the support of our company, agency officials are encouraged necessary process for all kinds of questions. As regards vehicles, the institutions of accounting, a single pre-determined amount of money bills sent regularly. Legal and tax obligations during the contract the vehicle is monitored by the company and paid. When determining the lease term expires vehicles are returned to our company.