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  • General İnformation

    Budgeting: During the contract period, your fixed rent payments will allow you to make a healthy budget.

    Risk Transfer: Economic conditions, government policy changes, manufacturers 'campaigns, supply and demand balance in the market, users' habits, second-hand prices will no longer concern you. By renting your vehicles, you will transfer all your financial risks to our company and you will transfer the responsibility to follow up the warranty and damage processes.

    Financial: By choosing our company, you pay not only the entire vehicle but only the loss of value in monthly costs. If you bought the same vehicle with your bank loan or equity, you would have financed the entire amount until you sold your vehicle.

    Tax: You can subject monthly rental invoices to tax deduction. You transfer the tax difference due to the differences between the book value of the vehicle and the actual sales value to our company.

    Time-Workforce: By transferring your fleet to our management, you also transfer all bureaucratic, operational and technical works. It does not burden with creating a staff for vehicle management or giving additional responsibilities to your employees with other job descriptions; In addition to your cost savings, you will use your time and labor resources efficiently.