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    Accident to know the process you need to do as well as you do that instantly allows you to receive your full and timely distress and damage. Transactions need to do in case of an accident is as follows: the vehicle's location should call the police at the crash site without changing the traffic accident report must secure the memorandum and take alcohol. The crash site should be testified by notifying the nearest gendarmerie station and if you strike the eye detection limits for the gendarmerie report. If the accident involved another vehicle, you should take a photocopy of a driver's license and registration of the vehicle and traffic policy copying. If the vehicle starts, we should call our company to provide attractive withdraw your nearest service agent. You should prepare the following documents are required to file damage and should deliver related services. • Traffic accident report • The driver's alcohol report • Driver's license photocopy, •'s license photocopy of the vehicle, • accident site image and damage the vehicle photos (not necessarily should be especially unilateral accidents)

    Compensation claims made are related to damage insurance is one of the frequently encountered and often also have more than one condition that causes damages to the insured vehicle had no major problems. At various times with the car crashed, albeit small, but have been reported to the insurance company insured the damage, they wanted to compensate the damages collectively, may experience negative results.

    Once damage has occurred in a certain period of time to notice the damage. In vides General Terms this time is clearly stated. General by the Charter of the damage within 5 business days from the date of learning that takes place Jeopardy be reported to insurance companies' requirements. This time the damage opening, notification and file are not fulfilled are to be considered for notice of liability and damage payments are rejected.

    Paying attention to the damage caused by the above notice is really important. More damage occurring in different places at different times when the vehicle is repaired at the same time, the amount of damage can be increased too much. If the notification made by us for the first time provide compensation for damage to the vehicle damage compensation amounts for parts or labor to repair the vehicle after recent injury will be less than the amount it will be released. In this case the insurance company wrongfully denied damages to be claimed as a cost and bulk loads that have been reported in the notice, only recently paid damages. "Timely notice and included in the collective damage claim for compensation by giving notice that insurance companies can not get insurance compensation for the damage it considers to be unfair by." You must be careful to show no damage to the insurance company within 5 business days notice to face such negativity.

    You must use your vehicle for the safety of yourself and others caution. However, while mindful that if you or your vehicle is damaged due to the carelessness of others? What you need to do in this case is as follows. You should call the nearest team to the scene and traffic accident reports should fasten. Keeping your traffic after the traffic restraint policy, your license and must provide a copy of your driver's license with the driver of the other vehicle and traffic policy, you should also receive a copy of the permit and license. Documents that must be submitted to your insurance company to open damaged files are the following. Of drivers involved in accidents Verkehr, licenses and license copies, the original copy of the incident report traffic accidents, alcohol reports of drivers involved in accidents.

    Car theft incidents in recent days we encounter one of the most frequently comes. In this case, it does not know what to do in case the insured are damages procedures Whilst the astonishment and sorrow of the stolen car. Therefore, you should know the procedures to do if your car is stolen, it allows you to receive both your full and timely distress not live your damage. So, what should you do if your car is stolen? Here's what to do ... 1. step process when you realize that your car is stolen, you should apply as soon as possible by going to the nearest police station and must secure the theft report. There should be denounced immediately by your car has been stolen and you must open a damaged file. 2. Vehicle theft step in the legal waiting period is 30 days. The car can be found within this period; You must inform us by car could not be found. There is an article claiming that you should take your car station and car theft on the table. The article you have received contrast, must surrender to us. Accident-free days with hope

    According to our experience of the insured in case of damage of one of the most frequently encountered by the way, we see that the damage occurred park. Many policyholders do not know what to do in this situation and can not afford the damage due to improper operation or damage have trouble. Therefore, in case of damage seen parked your car, you know the process you need to provide both your trouble and problematic situation to take complete your damage. If the person damaging your vehicle event space; The people who damage your vehicle, you should ask whether you should get a copy of the compulsory motor insurance policy and must, if available. You must call in place without moving your car to the scene of the traffic team. If you do not reach the traffic team, you should attach the minutes referring to the nearest police station. Held in minutes, you want to be emphasized that the offending person who hurt you. Because you will request compensation from the compulsory traffic insurance, which is not visible defect in the other party or the insurance company will pay damages based on defects will pay in proportion to the situation or defect. People who damage your vehicle incident is not over; You should contact our company about the damage on the vehicle.

    Highway Traffic Act Compulsory Liability Insurance (Traffic Insurance), during use of the vehicle specified in the policy, a person's death, the property belonging to injury or third parties engaged in the situation given rise to impunity. Traffic insurance of civil liability of falling into such a state vehicle users, Treasury identified and assure to the limits specified in the insurance policy. This guarantee can be understood only vehicles, buildings, fences, traffic lights and so on. no material losses are likely to include physical losses. Well, you know what needs to be done in case of injury caused to a person by reason of defect during use of the vehicle's driver? Now, the report does identify traffic accident injury in traffic accidents, as we all know, is absolutely necessary for compensation. This also applies to injuries and accidents. Because it can not make any claims in the event of an injury occurring without the defect using traffic policy tool. The defect condition of using the car, but it is possible to see the minutes will be kept. The report identified the driver with a traffic accident report showing the alcohol cases, the vehicle's registration and driver's license sample must be submitted. Invoices showing the costs of treating people wounded on the other hand, hospital / medical reports and if the disability in question is the ratio of the loss of labor in the hospital committee report must be submitted a claim for compensation. Tool in a traffic accident that occurred with the defect using, the body will suffer in the vehicle belonging to third parties are covered by collateral damage defective user